“The graphics are simultaneously menacing and exquisitely clean, superbly honed in a shiny palette of jet, ash, and crimson…a dark yet digestible visual delight with an endearing investigative trio.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Ly’s haunting story gains depth and texture from Park’s minimalist, thick-lined artwork, which sticks to a limited b&w palette occasionally dashed with bright red and muted yellows and blues.
— Publishers Weekly

“Park’s bold, modish figures, largely in black and white with occasional bright pops of color, add to the eerie atmosphere, particularly Suee’s shadow, whose stark white eyes and maniacal grin quickly become sinister…the stylish art is plenty eye-catching, and a subplot focused on Suee’s reluctance to make friends adds a subtle undercurrent of emotional depth.”

— Booklist

“This multilayered fantasy about shadows, souls, and the blurred line between the living and the dead skillfully tackles friendship, personal growth, and empathy. Slightly dark, it’s ideal for readers who want a gentle dose of spookiness…”
— School Library Journal (online)