Happy New Year from Suee and the Shadow!

Happy New Year everyone!


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8 Responses to Happy New Year from Suee and the Shadow!

  1. yonyon says:

    when will part3 appear in app store?
    i cannot wait for it!;)

  2. K.S. says:

    Am still waiting for part three, all the way in New Zealand!! Any ETA?

  3. Sven Viking says:

    I don’t mean to be impatient, but it’s been two years since your last site update and 16 months since your last tweet. Is everything OK?

    With the arc complete, I don’t expect it would be too hard to find a publisher for a physical graphic novel. It’s considerably more interesting than the majority of published comics aimed at younger readers.

    • Bhivecomics says:

      Thank you for your interest on Suee and the Shadow, Sven Viking. We ,finally, are going to have “physical” Graphic novel from Amulet which is Imprint of ABRAMS this(2017) fall. You can see Suee and the Shadow in the following catalog link. page 60. https://goo.gl/ZjWoM5
      Thank you for your patience, Sven Viking and our fans.

      • Sven Viking says:

        Great! Thanks for the response. Will there also be a Part 3 app, by the way?

        • Bhivecomics says:

          We are sorry to say that we don’t know if there will be Part 3. We don’t have the right to make the app in English anymore. We really hope to see the app like you soon. We promise to notify you if you want.

          • Sven Viking says:

            Thanks for the information — I’ll probably buy the hard copy in any case. Best of luck with sales and the legal issues!

            P.S. I see that Abrams are recommending Hereville, another interesting comic, alongside Suee in their catalogue. I’d coincidentally been thinking the two had some similarities before seeing that.

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