Is Part 3 On the Way?

For those wondering, our writer and artist team is hard at work on the twelfth and final episode of Suee and the Shadow. So, yes, please keep a lookout for updates in the coming months!

part3 is coming

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3 Responses to Is Part 3 On the Way?

  1. Lupita Ruiz says:

    Please notifyme when the second part apear im very interest yo know what hapend

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hey guys. I’m wondering when exactly is part 3 coming out? If you look at the description in the App Store it says that there’s 4 parts? So if this the the final book, that means there isn’t a part 4 right?? Why is Book 1 $4.99 and book 2 $2.99? Do you guys not have a combo package where you be an buy all of the books at 1 price? It’s pretty evident the developers haven’t taken much time to update the previous 2 books and looking at this webpage, “Happy New Year 2016”?!?! That was 10 months ago…. I hope this is all worth it. I haven’t found many iBooks that are as interactive and as long as “Weird Wood Manor”. If I could find a book like WWM I would buy that in a heartbeat. My hope is that THIS book is as good. I as well as many others would love an update to the other 2 books. The last updates were over a year or two ago. We’re now in ios 10.
    I’m on my way to purchase the first book… Will review when done 👍🏼

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